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Here’s what you need to know when buying books from I’m Allowed Publishing Inc.

  • The books listed in this section are all PDFs.
  • Your download details, including name and password, will be emailed to you once you complete the transaction. You can download each document up to three times.
  • Payments can be made through Paypal or by credit card. Credit Card Payments will be processed through Paypal, a secured processing service.
  • We apologize in advance for requiring a bunch of info for the free download; it’s a limitation of the software we are using.
  • You will never be spammed. I get hundreds of spam each month, so I know how incredibly a) useless and b) annoying they are. I don’t wish to be seen in that light. Upon my honour.
  • Generally, all purchases are final. If your document is corrupt, please contact Britt directly¬†at publisher/at/sooke.pocketnews.ca, and we will ensure client satisfaction.
  • Please don’t infringe on copyright by emailing the pdfs to your friends. They took the authors months to years to produce, and are made available here dirt cheap. Don’t tarnish your good name by disrespecting the works of others.

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