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The Power of Friendship

  • December 15, 2009 12:10 pm

I’m one lucky girl! I have an amazing group of friends and family I can depend on, no matter what. I share my dreams and goals with them. We trust, love, and support each other. When I share an area of personal growth with them, they hold me accountable.

I am honest with my accountability group because I would gain nothing from fooling them. Trying to deceive my friends would only rob me of the progress I could have made. Therefore, I reveal to them what is deep in my heart.

I choose to partake in our accountability relationship, and willingly share information. I can reveal secrets and shortcomings to my trusted friends without shame because I feel accepted, comfortable and free around them.

My trusted friends do not judge me; instead, they nudge me closer to my goals. They may ask me uncomfortable questions at times, but it is because they love me and want me to succeed. I appreciate them for that.

I trust my friends because they have pure hearts and desires for me. I do not need to fear that that may think badly of me. I look forward to sharing my successes and failures with them and hearing what they have to say.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I trust others enough to reveal my shortcomings?
2. Do I accept constructive criticism?
3. How honest am I with my trusted friends?