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Publishing your book

Here are a series of six videos by Etan Boritzer – How to Get Your Book Published. Watch these if you are serious about writing and publishing your book.

Part 1: Get use to rejection

Part 2: The author markets the book

Part 3: Working with a publicist

Part 4: How much the author earns

(The first 2.44 min/sec of this section has really low sound)

Also, he references POD (print on demand) and he says that they are essentially unaffordable. I think he’s actually referencing what’s called “vanity presses” which do charge an arm and a leg for a copy of your book. CreateSpace is quite affordable. Remember, this is an industry that is changing every day, so stay open to what your options are.

Part 5: Maintaining creative control

Part 6: Getting creative with sales

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