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There are essentially 3 types of editing available that all writers should know about.

  • Developmental
    • Multiple passes, writer engaged with each pass
    • First, the editor reads the entire manuscript to understand content, improvement and action plan
    • Then, the editor does 2 to 3 passes of the book, with each pass focusing on a specific theme (as an example, she might look at: consistent voice/narrative; flow of the document; final pass for coherency)
    • Estimated Contract Rate: approx. $0.07/word
  • Substantial
    • Typically one pass
    • Line by line edit as editor reads your manuscript
    • Looks at clarity, tone, consistency, tense, grammar, usage, spelling, and punctuation
    • Estimated Contract Rate: approx. $0.05/word
  • Copy-edit or proofread
    • Single pass
    • (Copy)editor corrects spelling errors as well as errors in punctuation, grammar, and semantics
    • Makes sure text follows a specified style (APA, MLA, etc)
    • Estimated Contract Rate: approx. $0.015/word

Our contractors have substantial experience as a writers and editors. We will match you with the talent that is right for you.

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